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Photo courtesy J.S. Almonte Productions

Kyra and Charlie live in Baltimore and are instructors at the infamous Mobtown Ballroom. This dynamic pair of dancers leaves audiences with a true sense of the people behind the dance. Their approach to dancing works in a very complementary way. Charlie is analytical, thinking about the more technical aspects of connection, while Kyra is a free spirit, concerned with creating movement and shape. As instructors, Kyra and Charlie enjoy working with students in the class to better understand connection, and its application in creating a collaborative social dance.

Charlie Wieprecht began his dance journey in Baltimore, crawling up the ranks and eventually becoming one of Mobtown Ballrooms most beloved instructors. Charlie’s unique style is smooth and dynamic. He values connection with his partner and being a leader who listens. He is known by his friends as a walking “safe space”, so it’s unsurprising that he brings that quality to the dance floor.

Kyra Isaacs began swing dancing in 2011, continuing her love for dance she has had her entire life. She found swing dancing to be an outlet of unrestricted creativity and joy. Kyra has a unique style that combines aspects of her previous dance experience, personality, and creativity. She uses connection in new ways, surprising her partners and creating a feeling of teamwork within the dance. Her goal in teaching is to inspire people to dance in a way that is authentic to themselves and the music.


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