C-bus, ho!

SwingColumbus is a not-for-profit
educational and social group continuing
lindy hop and swing-era dance forms in Central Ohio.

Who are we?

SwingColumbus is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit educational and social organization.
We preserve, study, teach, enjoy, and evolve swing-era dance forms.

This refers to (but is not limited by) a group of American Rhythm dances stemming from vernacular African-American dances that co-developed with swing jazz music of the 1920s – 1940s. Social swing dance has 6-beat and 8-beat patterns, danced to 4/4 music with a “swung” beat.

Are you a social swing dancer?

We clap on 2 and 4. We wait to dance “in the pocket,” not on the beat.
We switch dance partners frequently, and can’t wait to meet you!