Getting ready for Fall Quarter!

For those of you who do not know me, allow me to introduce myself: I’m Rob, the President of Swing Dance Club. Swing Dance Club is an awesome little group at Ohio State University that is all about spreading the AWESOME that is swing dancing!

OSU’s Fall Quarter is set to begin on September 23, with most students returning on September 20. This is super exciting for Swing Dance Club! We’ve got a whole new batch of officers, ready to expand the Club to even greater involvement and membership than ever before.

Here’s a glimpse of all the exciting stuff we’ve got planned for Welcome Week 2009:

Monday Meetings
Meetings are in Pomerene 213 (same room as last year), but an hour later with lessons starting at 8PM. We’ll be starting a week early, September 21, to take advantage of Welcome Week.

Involvement Fair
The Involvement Fair is Monday, September 21, from 12:00 – 4:00 PM on the Oval. We’ll be manning a booth, handing out flyers, and maybe even using a laptop to show some cool videos. This could be a fun chance to wander around, dance, and hand out flyers (see Lindy Bombing below).

United We Dance
This is Saturday, September 26 at 8:00 PM in the North Gym. The schedule is as follows:
DanceSportOSU 8:00-8:45
Swing Dance Club 8:50-9:35
TangoOSU 9:40-10:25
This beginning-of-the-year mixer is a great experience for all interested dancers to come see what OSU has to offer. ALL (including non-OSU-affiliated persons) interested people are welcome to attend for FREE! For continual updates, check out the event on facebook:

Lindy Bombing
I’m thinking of three particular instances:
  • Involvement Fair – Mon Sept. 21 12:00-4:00PM – we wander around, dance, and hand out flyers
  • Picnic with the Buckeyes – Tues Sept. 22 6:00-7:30PM – we show up with flyers and dance to the Columbus Jazz Orchestra! It takes place on the South Oval and should be a fun experience for everyone involved!
  • On the Oval – TBD – We’ll just hit the Oval one day with some flyers and a boombox and have some fun! I’m thinking this will wait until a few weeks into the Quarter so new members can get in on the fun!
There’s a lot to be excited about at OSU this Fall with regards to Swing Dancing!

Take care,