History of The Cupcake Aerial

joCupcakeAerialThose who attended Rocktober 2010 here in Columbus, Ohio may have had the chance to learn a crazy aerial from Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg, called The Cupcake.  The girl is launched onto the guy’s shoulders and he twists to the side to prep before spinning her around his head to the front where he holds her hips against his torso while tipping so her hands smack the floor, then flinging her back up with a slight flip to then drop catch her, pop her to a squatted position, twirl her under one arm and then slam her into a cross-body lunge.

If your head is spinning at this point, allow me to simply demonstrate with a video:

It’s kind of amazing.  Perfect this one and you’ll have everyone impressed, including Grandma!

Kevin and Jo explained a little of the history of The Cupcake during the classes, but Jo just posted on her blog about it with video so you can see the complete line from So You Think You Can Dance, to Jeremy and Laura at Camp Hollywood, to Kevin and Jo at Lindy Focus and the origin of the ‘cupcake’ name.  Go read about it on Jazz it up with Jo