Tribute Dances by Lindy Hoppers

The Lindy Hop world tends to favor dancers creating their own choreography, but sometimes it’s appropriate to honor our forebears with a tribute dance. A few of these have caught my eye lately so I thought I’d do some original/modern video pairings for you to appreciate.

First, Sharon Davis recently did a tribute to Gene Kelly during the Southern Belle Swing Bash in Atlanta, Georgia. First, the original:

and Sharon’s lovely, feminine take on the routine:

She did an awesome job, didn’t she?

Next up, Jo Hoffberg put together a hula routine for The Jump Session held in Seattle before Camp Jitterbug in May 2010.  The Atomic Cherry Bombs were her backup dancers.

The original:

The tribute:

Again, a fantastic recreation! Jo wrote about the experience on her blog in case you’d like to learn about teaching choreography to people halfway around the world!

Lastly, a Lindy Hop routine that’s a tribute to another Lindy Hop routine, but with a twist. The original was created by Kevin St. Laurent and Carla Heine ‘back in the day’, and was recreated in hip hop style by Max Pitruzzella and Tommy Blacharez from Montpellier, France (who later formed the Ninjammerz).

The original from 2003 (?) that’s pre-YouTube! Forever ago…

The parody from 2006, which made Tommy and Max suddenly much more well known in the Lindy world!