Using Dance to Teach Kids Healthy Living

Balletmet Columbus’s blog, ‘A Tutu For You’ featured their Momentum program they present in area elementary schools that uses dance to teach concepts of healthy living and culminates in a year-end dance performance.

Here’s how BalletMet’s website describes Momentum:

BalletMet Momentum(4th Grade Program)

A program that engages students in movement, music, choreography–and so much more. Momentum uses dance as a springboard to help children develop excellence, discipline and self-confidence. All classes integrate ODE’s Dance Content Standards. Throughout the academic year, classes are held weekly during the school day. Students present a mid-year lecture/demonstration in their school gym and a year-end performance on stage.

I think it’s so great that BalletMet is giving kids around Columbus the opportunity to participate in dance.  Isn’t it strange that ‘art class’ and band/choir are so standard but you don’t ever see dance as a standard in schools?  And why should gym class be just about sports?   We need more programs like this!

For a full list and descriptions of all BalletMet’s educational outreach programs:
Update!   Momentum was just featured on the news!  Check out the article and video! 

1 thought on “Using Dance to Teach Kids Healthy Living

  1. Jennifer

    We get such positive feedback from parents and students about Momentum and our other residency programs. The arts are so very powerful!
    Thank you for posting, and thank you for all your efforts promoting dance in Columbus.
    Jennifer, BalletMet

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