Team Results (and Video!) from Dayton Smackdown 2011

The 4th annual Dayton Swing Smackdown took place over the weekend in the adorable historic town of Miamisburg, Ohio.  The team competition included 64 dancers in 8 teams who have been working in their spare time, between classes and jobs, to put together fantastic and entertaining routines!  This is an enormous feat and congratulations to everyone for putting on a great show!

The team competition had 2 parts, one was the choreographed full team piece, the other (with lesser weight on final scores) was the Strictly, where each team elected one or two couples to improvise to fast and medium tempo music.

Results were:
1st Place: Team SwingColumbus
2nd Place (and also taking home the Collegiate Cup!): University of Dayton Swing Club
3rd Place: Ann Arbor

The videos:

1st Place

University of Dayton Swing Club
2nd Place

Ann Arbor
3rd Place

The Ohio State University Jitterbucks

The Ohio University ‘Everyone Wants to be a Bobcat’
(music was yoinked by YouTube – thanks Warner Music Group!)

Miami University – Miami Swingers

Miami University – Red Hawks

Lexington, Kentucky – Rhythm Cats

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  1. Aleks Daskalov

    Thanks for the videos! So proud of this energy in the midwest. Do you have any of the strictly portion of the team comp?

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