Board Descriptions, Elections July 21st during Monthly Dance

We will be holding board elections at approximately 10:30pm on July 21st during the monthly dance at the YWCA.   Anyone who is an active member in good standing (dues paid) is eligible to vote and to run for a board position.  There are several positions being vacated and several board members interested in changing to new positions.  If you are interested in joining the board you must email by July 1st to tell us which position(s) you would like to seek.   

Board position descriptions:

  • President: responsible for ensuring that the board members fulfill their responsibilities, comply with applicable bylaws, conduct board business effectively and efficiently, and are accountable for their performance. The President prepares and follows an agenda for all board meetings.
  • Events Chair: The Events Chair is responsible for leading and organizing all events for SwingColumbus. He/She will develop an Events Committee as they see fit to assist with any event responsibilities.
  • Marketing Chair: maintains the public image of SwingColumbus through management or coordination of all marketing, advertising, and promotional activities conducted by SwingColumbus. The Marketing Chair serves as the spokesperson and primary liaison for SwingColumbus to media and advertising organizations.
  • Performance Chair: oversees the management, booking and financial budget of the Performance Team. He/She will keep track of any upcoming competitions and seek performance opportunities for the team to represent SwingColumbus to the general public and the Lindy Hop community.
  • Treasurer: responsible for oversight of all financial transactions and records of SwingColumbus.  Maintains financial data and reports finances to board to assist in decisions by the board.
  • Music Chair: books, recruits, and oversees DJ’s and bands for all SwingColumbus events.  Ideally the music chair will have some knowledge of regional and national DJs and bands to keep up with tastes and have an ear out for great people to bring to Columbus for events.
  • Instruction Chair: booking of instructors for all SwingColumbus lessons, including regular events, crash courses, lesson series, and workshops.  He/She is also responsible for arranging hospitality for any instructors invited to teach from outside of Columbus, OH.  (housing, food, entertainment)

You can see the current board here.

If you would like to become more involved with SwingColumbus, but you’re not sure you’re ready for board level commitment, please let us know!   There are many ways to help out through volunteering at registration tables, on event committees, or by lending your talents in graphic design, movie making, Quickbooks, or something else.   We can always use help, and we’re always looking for future board members.  Email us at and let us know what you can do!