Swingology School: December 2014 Crash Courses!

For the non-holiday weeks in December, your local SwingColumbus instructors will provide special topics for you to whet your whistle and sink your teeth into new stylings and moves.

When: Thursdays from  7:30-9:30 PM
Where: Artisan Dance Studio: 4310 N High St. Columbus, OH 43202
Cost: $20 ($15 for members/students) cash or check – Register at the door!
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Dec 4 – Solo Jazz Crash Course

Whether you have taken a solo class before or you are totally new to dancing solo, this class is for you. See our Facebook event!

Ali Lodico will teach you basic steps to get you moving, and then build a variety of vernacular jazz steps into your repertoire. If you have taken one of Ali’s classes before, then you are familiar with the fun-filled energy in the class geared toward making everyone feel comfortable and confident in their own unique style of dancing. This class will be filled with some old favorite moves, as well as new ones to mix it up! Don’t like choreography? Don’t worry, there is no choreography in this solo class. It’s all about how the music inspires YOU, and not what someone else tells you to do!

This class will help you get ready for the next crash course on December 11th, the Tranky Doo – a choreographed dance you might see busted out at Nyoh’s!

Dec 11 – Learn the Tranky Doo!


To build upon your solo jazz and choreography skills, join Josh Sarkar and Anna Young for the Tranky Doo! This is a choreographed dance often done at Nyoh’s and swing events around the world.

The Tranky Doo is a jazz dance routine that was choreographed by Alfred “Pepsi” Bethel and first appeared at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem during the 1940s. Just like the California Routine, the dance has become popular within the international lindy hop community because of the celebrated Spirit Moves documentary film.

The routine embraces the individuality of solo movement which makes it fun to do! It includes some good ol’ dance steps like the Eagle Slide, Apple Jacks and Truckin’.

Dec 18 – Dips and Tricks


Have you ever wanted to try to dip someone to hit that musical break or end that song, but didn’t know how?

Have you ever felt uncomfortable while being dipped and want to find a way to always feel graceful while being dipped? Here is your chance!

Mark Calkins and Shannon Varner will teach you how to do several Dips & Tricks in this 2-hour crash course! They will teach you how to incorporate these Dips & Tricks in a dance so that you can try them (safely) on the social dance floor.