Announcing the SwingColumbus Apparel Shop

Just in time for the holidays, SwingColumbus is offering themed apparel you can purchase for that special lindy hopper in your life. We have a number of designs across different types of clothing… see below for a sample.

To purchase, visit

By purchasing a piece of clothing, you’re showcasing your style, and supporting vintage swing dancing in Columbus, Ohio. Revenue goes to venue rentals, live bands, and hiring DJs and instructors.

How does this work?

Bonfire is an apparel print-on-demand platform that allows non-profit and not-for-profit organizations to create “campaigns,” where each campaign is a different design. The print-on-demand nature means SwingColumbus never needs to maintain inventory, so costs stay low and we maximize the amount of funds allotted for swing dance operation costs.

Due to the campaign focus of Bonfire, the system allows for optional tips if you want to send extra support above the cost of the apparel. We set each campaign to ship orders three days after receiving one or more orders. Because each campaign has varying levels of complexity for printing, each ships separately…

If you choose more than one design, you should expect separate shipping costs for each design. Shipping is free for 5 or more items within a single campaign, so going in on a campaign purchase with friends is a clever way around shipping costs. Orders arrive between 7 and 14 days after a round of the campaign ends.

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy these designs!