Jazz Appreciation Month: Ivie Anderson

Ivie Anderson, Singer

Ivie Anderson was originally from California and started studying music in school at age 9. She sang with Earl Hines in Chicago before she joined Duke Ellington’s Orchestra in 1931. She was a popular performer and often received top billing for much of her time touring with Ellington. She is known for helping to pioneer the jazz idiom in dance bands, and had a wonderful sophisticated sound. She also opened up Ivie’s Chicken Shack in LA. Ivie had chronic asthma and had stopped singing and touring with Ellington in 1942. She died in 1949 at the young age of 45. Most Lindy Hoppers know of Ivie from the movie “A Day At the Races” . She sings All God’s Chillun Got Rhythm, the song that Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers perform to in the movie.

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