Author: SwingColumbus (Mindy)

If you’re a SwingColumbus member, we hope you’ve heard about our free-to-attend Sunday Practice Sessions! From 5-7 every Sunday in April, May, and June of 2016 you can meet up with other Swing Columbus Members at the Ohio Theater to work on your dancing! If you’re not familiar with working on your dancing in this […]
If you ask dancers who take their swing seriously – either as a hardcore hobby or at a professional level – what it was that got them hooked on swing dancing, one of the most common answers is “traveling.” But what IS traveling for swing dance events? If you’re new to a scene the concept can […]
We have a lot of dedicated DJs in Columbus who come out every Wednesday to make sure that we have great swing music to dance to at Nyoh’s. But have you ever wondered what makes a song great for swing dancing? Swing dancing and traditional jazz music evolved together, so let’s take a quick journey […]
  If you’ve been to a Swingin’ Wednesday you’ve seen the Shim Sham. Every week, without fail, one of our DJs for the evening will play one of several iconic songs and dancers will flock to the floor to participate in the line dance anthem of the swing community – the Shim Sham. Here’s a group of swing […]