The SwingColumbus Executive Board is comprised of seven avid Lindy Hoppers with years of swing dance experience. They have danced all over the world and bring their enthusiasm and knowledge to the Columbus scene. They strive to create the best events, foster a welcoming scene with the nicest dancers, and make our city a great place to dance.

Get Involved!

Don’t think for a minute that just six people make it all happen. Anyone can get involved, whether it’s volunteering for registration, putting away sound equipment, or joining an event committee to put on a weekend workshop or lindy exchange.

Contact us to see how you can help.  Many hands make light work!


a.k.a. Chief Operating Officer
Shannon Varner


Kenneth Driscoll

Music Coordinator

Mark Calkins

Marketing Coordinator

Shannon Varner

Events Coordinator

Shannon Varner

Instructor Coordinator

Shannon Varner

Performance Coordinator

Shannon Varner

Auxiliary Members

Webmaster: Binaebi Akah Calkins
Web Administrator: Binaebi Akah Calkins
Social Media: Shannon Varner, Binaebi Akah Calkins

Former board Members

President: Gail Clendenin, Rebecca Daskalova, David Martin, Lonelle Yoder
Performance Coordinator: Lindsay Kelly, Lisa Macharoni, Shannon Varner
Music Coordinator: Aleks Daskalov
Marketing Coordinator: Andrea Lane, Mindy Bayko, Kari Sexton, Rob Cooper, Caitlin Martin, Devon Martinelli, Mandy Agler
Treasurer: Daniel Hoy, Mandy Agler, Kasey Massetti
Events Coordinator: Ben Doane, Tony Deng, Charlee Wilson, Bryn Sowash, Devin Fraze, Mandy Agler
Instructor Coordinator: Lindsay Kelly, Daniel Hoy, Anna Young, Ali Lodico, Erik Hernandez, Gail Clendenin
Webmaster: David Martin, Neil Coplin
Web Administrator: David Martin