The Quick Stop is a single-day Lindy Hop swing dance event in Columbus, Ohio featuring lessons from inspiring instructors, plus an evening dance with live music!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Beyond being descriptive to your length of stay in Columbus, the event name “The Quick Stop” comes from a dance move in Lindy Hop, most often seen in a swing out. The following animation is likely one of the most famous “Quick Stop” moments ever!

Charlie & Kyra // Photo by J.S. Almonte Productions
Danny & Mandy // Photo by J.S. Almonte Productions


Do I need to bring a partner?

No partner is required, but if you have a friend or family member who might be interested, bring them! This is a very social event and we encourage you to ask for dances as often as you are asked to dance.

What should I wear?

Comfortable/athletic clothes for classes are suggested, but wear your dance shoes. Street shoes are discouraged, as dirt and other debris can ruin dance floors and soles of expensive dance shoes. We suggest dressing up for the live band in the evening.

What happened to the Columbus Lindy & Blues Exchange?

SwingColumbus was receiving requests for lessons more than social dances. We opted to provide a workshop weekend experience responding to the instructional needs of our local dancers with intermediate dance skills. We welcome our regional friends to attend!

Sponsored by SwingColumbus

This event is brought to you by dedicated members of SwingColumbus. The SwingColumbus not-for-profit organization subsidizes venue and live band costs with the intent to further swing dance education in Central Ohio.

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