SwingColumbus has two teams: a Competitive Team that trains intensively each winter, and a Performance Team made of Competitive Team members and general SwingColumbus membership wanting to spread the love of lindy hop around Columbus, OH.

Both teams were co-captained by Mark Calkins and Shannon Varner, a.k.a. The Lindyroos from 2007 – 2016. The groups are now self-governing through joint choreography between current team members.

Summer Performance Team

performance team
The SwingColumbus summer team is a larger group comprised of the Competitive Team members and interested general membership.

The Performance team performs regularly for the Columbus community—providing entertainment at events such as Comfest, Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival, and fundraisers by the Central Ohio Branch of the International Dyslexia Assoc, Kids ‘n Kamp, Honor Flight and the Central Ohio Hot Jazz Society. They are passionate about their dances and music and are happy to share their knowledge through performances, lessons, and demos.

Competitive Team

Photo by Tony Deng
Photo by Tony Deng

Founded in 2007, the SwingColumbus Competitive Team is a high-energy, lindy hop dance competition and performing group. The dancers perform routines and improvised choreography based on the music and dance styles of the swing era (1920s-1940’s).

The dance styles they explore are Blues, Balboa, Breakaway, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Shim Sham, and Lindy Hop. Formed specifically to obtain the coveted Velvet Cup in Detroit, they were successful in that goal and decided to keep dancing. They have since won 1st place in the Dayton Smackdown competition of swing dance teams from all over the Mid-West–twice.

In 2010 the team ventured into competing at the International level by showing a routine at the International Lindy Hop Championships. They have become known for fun routines that showcase lindy hop but also encompass a fun sense of storytelling as they continue to push the level of their dancing.


  • Current member in good standing of SwingColumbus.
  • Clear understanding and ability to execute Lindy Hop and Charleston fundamentals.
  • Ability to execute the SwingColumbus version of the Shim Sham and pass an audition process.
  • Payment of team dues.


  • Work towards being the best dancer possible.
  • Learn basic lindy group dances such as the Shim Sham, Big Apple, California, and other line dances of our community, i.e. two tone swing, the Madison.
  • Consistent attendance at practices: Must attend at least one practice a month. Absences are approved by the team captains.
  • Learn the routines well enough to teach other team members.
  • Dues must be current. Failure to pay the current month’s dues will prevent you from taking part in the following month’s practices or performances. Only after payment of past due and the current month’s dues shall you be able rejoin the team.
  • Dance socially on a regular basis, willingness to promote the spirit of Lindy Hop and possess a great work ethic.
  • Be ready to work hard, get sweaty, and contribute to the overall improving dance quality of the team.




Past Competitions:

2016 Dayton Swing Smackdown
(Miamisburg, OH) – 1st Place

2015 Dayton Swing Smackdown
(Miamisburg, OH) – 1st Place

2014 Hawkeye Swing Festival
(Iowa City, IA) – 2nd Place

2014 Dayton Swing Smackdown
(Miamisburg, OH) – 1st Place

2013 Hawkeye Swing Festival
(Iowa City, IA) – 1st Place

2013 Dayton Swing Smackdown
(Miamisburg, OH) – 1st Place

2012 Hawkeye Swing Festival
(Iowa City, IA) – 1st Place

2012 Dayton Swing Smackdown
(Miamisburg, OH) – 1st Place

2010 International Lindy Hop Championships
Washington DC – 8th Place

2010 Swing, IN
(Indianapolis, IN) – 1st Place

2010 Dayton Swing Smackdown
(Miamisburg, OH) – 2nd Place

2009 Swing, IN
(Indianapolis, IN) – 2nd Place

2009 Dayton Swing Smackdown
(Miamisburg, OH) – 1st Place

2008 Dayton Swing Smackdown
(Miamisburg, OH) – 1st Place

2007 Shagdown
(Detroit, MI) – 1st Place