SwingColumbus highlighted by Now It’s Dark Magazine!

Photo by Binaebi Akah
Photo by Binaebi Akah
Hey everyone! Looks like SwingColumbus was highlighted by the local Columbus magazine Now It’s Dark as one of the premiere dance nights in Columbus, OH. A snippet is below, thanks for the mention!

NYOHS is normally a country bar except on Wednesday night when the city’s best swing dancers descend. There is something about the location close to OSU and the people who show up to tango that makes the energy there amazing.

NYOHs is a choice venue to patronize and have a great time, swing with your friends and make new acquaintances. If I only had one night to go out and dance, this would be the place I would go. There is a variety of age, ability and experience showing up every week to dance. And the price is low, only $3 except when there is a live band – that’s a bargain for the entertainment factor.

Swing dancing is characterized by a group of dances (East Coast, West Coast, etc.) that developed in the 1920s through 1950s. The most exciting of these dances is Lindy Hop, which is a combination of jazz, tap, breakaway and Charleston. Lindy started in Harlem in the early 1920s. And in case you were wondering, the term “Swing” referred to the style of Jazz music which inspired the evolution of the movement.

Organized by SwingColumbus, this community is more social — meaning people gather to dance and have enjoy an evening out without (as much) of the “pick-up” vibe normally associated with the bar scene.

In other words, the woman asking you to become her partner is not likely “hitting” on you but desiring to further enjoy the atmosphere, learning to be a better dancer and meeting new people in this laid back community scene.

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* Disclaimer: We used one of our Swingcolumbus photos of a Swingin’ Wednesdays night as we do not have permission to use the magazine’s photos.